Amsterdam Rock Club

Barbara is a dedicated and passionate coach and holistic healer with over a decade of experience in event organization.

about barbara

Barbara has always been attuned to the subtle energies that influence our well-being. Her journey into alternative therapies began early in life, driven by a profound interest in the natural world, and from a young age she was already attracted to the energy of crystal and minerals without yet knowing the benefit they bring to the world.

The moment she met Jade, 'the Crystal Queen Goddess' of Rock Club World, in Ibiza, she knew she had to follow her heart and passion to help and connect everyone to find their true north with the help of crystal energy.

A significant part of Barbara’s work focuses on children. She believes that introducing children to the principles of energy healing and crystals can lead to a lifetime of happiness and balance.

Her approach, through Crystal Compass and Whatever Makes Happy is about finding your true north and nurturing what brings joy to everyone. Her workshops are often infused with elements of storytelling, vision boards, and she helps to make complex concepts accessible and relatable.

In addition to her healing practice, Barbara is deeply committed to the world around her and she loves animals. She has a teenage son and 2 rescued cats, and her dedication to spreading happiness and well-being is evident in all aspects of her life.

A world traveler, with a special love for islands, she particularly enjoys exploring Ibiza and Madeira.

She creates music and storytelling events via Eivissa Fresh Flavours, Madeira Fresh Flavours and InovAsia.

Barbara loves art and practises yoga, and meditation, which not only rejuvenates her energy, but also inspires her to bring more joy and balance to everyone around her.

Barbara speaks, English, Dutch, Spanish and a little French, and her favourite crystal is Rainbow Moonstone. Through her Amsterdam Rock Club crystal workshops she hopes to bring more play, fun and sparkle to the children so they can find out whatever makes them happy forever!


Amsterdam Rock Club is part of Rock Club World who are committed to empowering children by teaching them how they can use the incredible power of crystals to amplify their own unique healing abilities.

We combine this with showing children how their words, thoughts, and emotions create their experience of the world by directly affecting themselves and others.

Through this, it is our strong conviction that our children will make the future a better place in which to live.

If you'd like to learn more about Amsterdam Rock Club events please contact Barbara here.